What a Grannie!

This is my first grannie square! Sure, it's a little rough around the edges and the corners are curling up, but I'm super proud right now!

I used a pattern called Quad Color Square available here. I was supposed to used worsted weight yarn (or aran yarn for UK-ers) but I used DK yarn. It shouldn't have caused that much of a problem except that DK yarn seems to be getting thinner and thinner nowadays. I added two extra rounds (I repeated the double crochet round and the single crochet round before starting the final two rounds). The square was supposed to be 8 inches, but my square barely hits 6 inches. I'll be blocking this soon, so hopefully I can stretch this out a bit.

I haven't started my swap square yet so I have to get started soon. I have a load of other projects lined up too but my brain isn't working right now. I'll write a list of everything asap.

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