So much for those new-years resolutions... I'm back after one year of mindless crafting (meaning I've been making things here and there, but I haven't been doing anything regularly). Instead of learning from my mistakes, I'm back with another load of resolutions that I'm going to try to keep (but will probably forget about half way through the year).
  • Blog more than last year. It can't be hard to write more than two posts!
  • Craft more than last year. Must be done considering my fundraiser (see below).
  • Study hard. This will eat into previous resolutions, but oh well.
I've almost completed that huge afghan, but it's been put on the backburner for a more important project. My friends and I have been selected to participate in a volunteer trip abroad, in Ecuador during the summer. In Ecuador, I will be helping to build orphanages, conserving the enviornment and aid a humpback whale reservation. It's needless to say that this will be the experience of a lifetime! The only problem is that the trip will cost between £2050-£3000 (depending on plane tickets), the admin fees are already set at £2050.

As a student, this amount of money is way more than I can afford to cover myself. That is why, firstly, I'll be holding many craft sales throughout the year. I'll be making hats, gloves, toys, phone charms and anything else I can think of. I'll already made a few hats and I am have way through making a pair of fingerless mitts. The first sale will probably take place sometime in February.

Secondly, I'll be bungee jumping in April and all sponsorship money will go towards the trip! If you would like to sponspor me, please do so by clicking the button at the side.

Thirdly, (April is going to be a busy month) my friend and I will be bike riding from our current home in Stoke-on-Trent to my friend's home in Manchester. That's a bike ride of over 41miles! I will be spending the next few months learning how to ride a bike (pure horror!) before attempting the ride. Again, if you would like to sponsor, please click the button at the side.

I will be doing my best to update the blog will news about my fundraising, so please subscribe, donate and join me along this experience.