Feeling the Blues

Another 8" granny square.

My blog is seriously beginning to look like yarn porn. There's just a whole bunch of pictures without much content. Then again, I guess the pictures can talk for themselves...

Anyway, I've decided to put a bit more content into my posts from now on.

*author prays that something witty and intelligent will come into her mind by the time she writes her next post*


Yarn Porn

Yarn porn... isn't it great? You get to enjoy the visuals (*wink*wink*) and it doesn't put a hole in your wallet.

I bought a skein of Rainbow Multi DK in a varigated purple-ish colour. £2.99 from Baron's Wool in Uxbridge, Middx.

This is Marble Double Knit, also in purple, but this colour is lot lighter... It seems like a colour I could use for a toy for a baby. Also from Baron's Wool, but this cost me £1.99.


Oh My...

If I hadn't mentioned it before, I'm taking part in a granny square swap on Ravelry (different from the 8" stash-buster square swap). This swap has a monthly theme and the most recent theme was the March Easter theme.

My swap package was absolutely amazing!! My swap buddy this month was the wonderful littleknitmissy.

Awesomeness doesn't need words.


It's Done!!

It's finally over! My Summer Garden Blanket is finished, all ends are tucked away and with a pretty border to match.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I don't what to use my afghan... I just finished it and it seems too precious to use. Maybe I need to start on more bigger projects so I can fully appreciate the work that goes into it and enjoy the loving that comes from using it.


Yet Another One...

I'm popping these out without even thinking now...

I know that this swap is all about stash-busting... but I'm not liking the colours here.


*post trails off while author is in deep thought*


Another One...

Here's the second 8" Traditional Granny Square. This will be sent off to the first person on my swap list, along with the first one I made. I'm thinking about throwing in something extra... but I don't know what yet. I'll have a think about it before I send off the parcel.


Six Inches of Love

I made a 6" version of the Traditional Granny Square. Why am I making a 6" square, you ask. I have no idea...

I used a DK weight yarn in a peachy colour, doubled with a DK weight yarn in yellow. It's a little too thick for my liking =(


Hooked on Hooking

What have I been doing?

I've been making granny squares, of course!

I've joined the Granny Squares group on Ravelry and I'm now participating in a swap that's lasting for a year (yay! That gives me a reason to keep crocheting). The swap calls for a stash-busting, unfussy, 8" Traditional Granny Square using DK or worsted weight acrylic yarn. Which is perfect for me because I mostly have DK or worsted weight acrylic yarn in my stash.

Here's my first square. I'm sorry for the bad picture... I need to find the time to take a picture during the day...


Lookie Here

Look at what I bought~

Hobbycraft has been taking a lot of my money lately. I don't have any green yarn though, so I guess my purchase is justified. Plus, I started using it right away!

I made the March 6" square for the Block-A-Month group on Ravelry. The pattern is called SmoothFox's Celtic Granny 6x6. I added an extra round to get my square up to six inches and then I made up the final round. I think the original calls for repeated sc and chaining, but I just used sc.

What do you think?


Paper Trails

I bought a couple of things today.

Three rubber stamps, 50+ sticker sheets and a bag full of foam 'Love' shapes.

I guess I'll be working on some paper crafts as soon as my crochet craze quietens down.