I Knit, Therefore I Am

I'm knitting.

Yes, I am actually knitting. No, this isn't a joke. April Fool's Day was over a while ago. I AM KNITTING!

I'm making Aestlight. I recently received the pattern as a gift and after my sudden epiphany the other day, I just cast on the first stitch and let my hands take over. I'm working on the garter triangle right now, so this isn't mentally stimulating, but at least it's a change from all those granny squares I've been working on for the past few months.

The pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn but I'm using my Crofter DK, that I bought back in January. This yarn is relatively thin compared to the usual DK weight yarns so it seems to suit the pattern so far. I didn't even do a gauge swatch for this - the gauge was spot on when I started knitting it up.

Well, don't I feel like a knitting prodigy ;)


What Now?

I was bored yesterday so I decided to bust out another Traditional Granny Square.

I'm making these for a stash-busting square swap on Ravelry - I need to send two squares per person - but right now, these are becoming really tedious. I suppose it's due to the lack of thinking required to create it.

I've just realised that even though I've learnt to knit in 2006, I've yet to complete a knitted project. I taught myself how to crochet a year ago, and I haven't given knitting a second thought. I guess it's time to dust the cobwebs off my knitting needles and put a little more variety into my crafting.


Family Friendly Square

This month's square for the Block-A-Month group on Ravelry is the oh-so wonderful Friend Family Square.

I got a little confused with this square - particularly when it came to the front post dc - but I persevered till the end. The square was smaller than six inches (since I used a 5mm hook instead of a 5.5mm hook) so I changed the last round of sc to a round of dc. That brought the size nicely up to six inches.

I'm considering sending this with my Haze square. This has some hot pink so it'd fit in with the swap's theme.


Swap Square

Happy April! I hope no one got any big scares yesterday, considering the general concensus during April Fool's Day.

I'm back with another granny square (big surprise!). This one is called 'A Square Called Haze', or just simply Haze. The pattern can be found here. I only used two colours here with a 5mm hook, and I changed the last round to some simple single crochet to bring the size up to 6 inches.

The theme for the swap this month was supposed to be 'Pinks and Purples'. Unfortunately, I only fulfilled one of those criteria. I might make another square in pink to make up for the fact that there's so little purple in this square.