Long Time No See

So much for my knitting/crocheting plans. The last month has been hectic for me, but now that it's all past, I can concentrate on my neglected WIPs. My afghan plan has been deterred, but I'm still planning on making an afghan... just not any time soon.

I don't have much to show for myself right now, except for two granny squares. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I've only been making and showing granny squares since the start of this blog. I am working on other projects (like my Aestlight shawl), it's just that granny squares are so quick that I can update fairly regularly. I'm almost done with the Aestlight shawl, so expect an update on that fairly soon.

On to the granny squares.

This first square is the Raspberry Medallion Square. It is the 6" June square for the Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long. I added an extra round of dc to bring the size up to 6". I'm not liking this square that much: I'm not sure why, perhaps it would look better if I had used worsted weight yarn instead of DK.

This square is the Moon Granny Square. This square was a little confusing at first, but it turned out beautifully. I really like the black and pale pink combination, though it does remind of French lingerie.

I've lost my photographing mojo. And my camera is broken... forgive me for the lack of inspiration, but I tried to take a picture of the Moon Granny Square from the side.

Somewhat pretty. Or perhaps I should just stick to my crochet and knitting instead of trying out photography.