Saving The World

I have a couple of knit sweaters and cardigans that I don't want any more, so I'm reclaiming the yarn.

I'm up to my ears in to-do lists. But before I get started on the things on those lists, I'm going to weigh the yarn and calculate the yardage.


Look... Another One

I've completed my second ever grannie square! This time I swapped the colours around. I'm somewhat pleased with this. Even though it's still impossibly small and misshapen, it looks a lot nicer than my first try.

Here's a comparison shot of my two squares. The first one looks really messy...

What a Grannie!

This is my first grannie square! Sure, it's a little rough around the edges and the corners are curling up, but I'm super proud right now!

I used a pattern called Quad Color Square available here. I was supposed to used worsted weight yarn (or aran yarn for UK-ers) but I used DK yarn. It shouldn't have caused that much of a problem except that DK yarn seems to be getting thinner and thinner nowadays. I added two extra rounds (I repeated the double crochet round and the single crochet round before starting the final two rounds). The square was supposed to be 8 inches, but my square barely hits 6 inches. I'll be blocking this soon, so hopefully I can stretch this out a bit.

I haven't started my swap square yet so I have to get started soon. I have a load of other projects lined up too but my brain isn't working right now. I'll write a list of everything asap.


Shopping Syndrome

I don't go shopping often. But I do go shopping way too often than necessary for a poor student.

But it was important! I was all out of aran yarn that I need for square swap on Ravelry. But, seriously, Hobbycraft stock an abysmal variety of yarn so there wasn't much to choose from. There were plenty on DK yarns and chunky yarns, but hardly any in the middle.

Anyway, onto my purchases...

Two gorgeous skeins of a multicoloured DK yarn in blue tones. (Okay, this was for me...)

Aran yarn in cream and red. I'm going to use these for my square swap.

Crochet hooks in 2.5mm and 5mm. I'm trying my hand at amigurumi so I needed a smaller hook. Not sure what the 5mm hook will be used for yet. Maybe a few hats?

Hemp cord! Curse my new addiction to Chinese knotted jewellery!