Catch Up Time

It's time to catch up on the projects that I've been working on since August. Mainly image heavy, but it's only the first of the month.

My Irish Rose Crochet Square. It was a lot easier to make than it looks. I'm a little tempted to make an afghan using these squares, but it might be too heavy. I'll think about this in more detail after I finish my current projects.

This is a 6 inch March Square. Pretty, right?

This is called Durango, a pretty quick project. I added a few extra rounds because I like my hats slouchy, and I decreased with the white yarn. The pattern calls for a few buttons to add to the hat, but I haven't added any buttons to this yet. I don't think I will add buttons, but I left a long end just in case I change my mind.

If I ever need a matching bag, this is Sao Paolo purse. The pattern was easy to memorise and it worked up really quickly. I've added lining and a button since taking this picture, but I think I'll add a handle to this, I'm not really a fan of clutch bags. I just need to go learn to I-cord now.

This pattern is called Mitt Envy. I completely agree with the name, I've had people asking for a pair since seeing these. I knit these for my mother's birthday, and soon after knit a pair for myself using the same yarn. I was originally a little uneasy about using this yarn: I usually don't have a thing against acrylic yarn but something about this yarn (Creative Yarns (UK) Rainbow Multi Double Knit accoring to Ravelry) made me feel that it wasn't a good yarn to have next to the body. Fortunately, I was wrong. The patten calls for a fingering weight yarn, but this yarn is a DK, so the mitts are really warm. Unfortunately, the pair I knit for myself tuuned out a lot smaller than the original (damn my gauge!) so I sent them as a Christmas RAK. I think I'll knit another pair but with a few more repeats.

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  1. Hello there..Nice blog here...I have a question about the Irish rose square pattern…In round 9 she says “insert hook through the sc
    at the tip of the next small leaf below, then insert hook in the
    next ch 3 sp and complete sc”
    where exactly am I supposed to insert….in the color c or b or where…beautiful square…and I really want to make it and extend it to make a table runner . I think it would be beautiful.
    It would be so kind of you if you would help me in this.