Ah, school...

I've yet to complete my education and leave those dreaded end of year exams behind, but there's one type of exam that I'll always love: OWLs! On Ravelry, there is a group called the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup, where you're sorted into a house at the start of the term (I've always been a Slytherin) and then choose various lessons to complete. Each lesson, hosted by a 'member of staff', is a take on the original Harry Potter traditional lesson with a crafting twist.

Each completed lesson earns your house some house points, which are tallied up at the end of the term. The winning house doesn't receive a prize but various projects are picked each month to receive a prize depending on its awesomeness. Not only are there lessons, but you can take part in the Quidditch Tournament (now split by the different years), Detention (where you finish WIPs) and OWLs (a particularly long and challenging project that'll take the term to complete).

Us Slytherins, have a list of 'quests' that we can do for fun. One of them is the 'Ultimate Quest' where you complete all the lessons, two OWLs and Quidditch - which, essentially, is the maximum amount of things that you can do. At the start of the month I was actually considering doing that, however my insanity has passed so I'm now aware that it isn't possible right now. However, I do want to complete as many lessons as possible (this will probably be easier after my exams) and one OWL. As for Quidditch... meh. Maybe next time.

I know what you're thinking. Why is she babbling on about Harry Potter? I don't even like Harry Potter...

Well, I have decided to make an afghan for my OWL. I'm intending it to be 80" by 80", using 8" squares. So that's 100 squares in total. In three months. Wow, that sounds crazy even to me...

I'm sure that in normal circumstances, I'd be able to finish that within a few weeks... However, it seems that right now I'd have to be crocheting in the library; not good.

This is another one of those squares I made a while ago. I'm expecting my afghan squares to be made out stash scraps with only 8 rounds. I guess I'd better get to it. Don't expect to hear from me soon ;)

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