Life Without the Internet?

I'm so sorry for disappearing suddenly! My internet connection went down at home, so the little precious time I spent at the library was spent on doing assignments rather than blogging. Since I'm new to the blogging world, I didn't have any sort of plan in case a situation like this occured, but for the future, I'm planning on prewriting a lot of blog posts - I don't want to dissappoint anyone, especially not myself since I don't want to become one of those bloggers who disappear off the radar without any notice. So rest assured, I won't be making any disappearing acts any time soon.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

I joined the 2010 Crochet Block-A-Month CAL on Ravelry and at first I was really pumped up to get started. I thought that I'd try my hand at making the 6" square, the Ravelry 12" square and the Craftster 12" square every month. Ambitious much?

Yeah, I agree. I only finished the 6" square, which is called Little Dahlia, though the square is around 5" for me (I really need to work on my gauge). I might try the 12" squares when I have time.

In other news, it was my birthday two days ago (yay me!) which means I have birthday money that I can spend on yarn. I think I'm going to trawl through Ravelry to decide on what to buy.

Also, I've recently become addicted to Jenny and Nicole's Stash and Burn podcast! It's a little strange because I'm listening to the podcasts from the newest first, but seriously, listening to these two talk about yarn is like how me and my girlfriends talk!

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